Chris Dittmann (8.4 Humanities)

"I think the school having a specific mandate has ensured that I’ve had the opportunity to really dive into things like inquiry, technology and outdoor ed and learn about how those things connect to and enhance a student’s learning."

Andrew Bolen (Music)

"I have many rewarding moments as a teacher, but the best moments are when I'm making music with my students."

David Cloutier (Creative Tech)

"Connect pushes our students and staff alike to take risks and learn outside of their comfort zone."

Heather Melville (5.1 Math & Science)

"There are so many [rewarding moments]... seeing light bulb moments, laughing every day and building relationships with every student in the school.

Katie Haigh (Physical Education)

"I’ve been teaching at Connect for three years, and this is my first year as a Phys Ed teacher. I actually went to Connect Charter School from grade 4-9 back when it was called the Calgary Science School."

Rick Fawcett (6.2 Humanities)

"My wife and I both teach at Connect and consider the staff and students part of our extended family. We have one son, Sam who is our heart and soul."

Kevin Sonico (5.3 Math & Science)

"The best part of teaching at Connect is the people that make this school special: students, parents, and staff."