David Cloutier

Physical Education, Educational Technologist, KeeBo Admin

For all IT support requests, please use the e-learning helpdesk under “COVID-19” -> “e-Learning Helpdesk”.

How long have you been teaching at Connect Charter School? Almost three years. 

What is your educational/professional background? I studied at the University of Calgary for a year, but ended up finishing by Bachelor of Education at Mount Royal University. Over this time, I took a year off of full-time studies to hold an office in the Students’ Association, where I developed my passion for student voices informing the work of education. I have done independent technology consulting work since about 2011, including for several years with various Calgary Board of Education departments and schools. I’m excited that I get to put that experience to use at Connect! I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts through Athabasca University.

What brought you to Connect? I finished my final practicum with Kevin Sonico in Grade 5 Math and Science. Originally, I had Mount Royal University for a placement in middle school humanities, but I couldn’t be more thankful for my time in Math and Science in Grade 5. Even though my teacher education was as an Elementary Generalist, the placement was outside my comfort zone – and that was powerful learning! In that work, I got to better understand our the mission and purpose of Connect and realized that working at Connect would be the greatest career I could ask for. An opportunity opened up for a role in Teaching and Educational Technology, and I’m thankful to have accepted the offer. 

What do you consider the best part of working at our school? There’s a real emphasis on everyone in the building being a learner. Connect pushes our students and staff alike to take risks and learn outside of their comfort zone. I think that we all benefit from this culture, particularly in the ways that we emphasize the idea of “we” – decisions informed by perspectives of students, parents, teachers, and experts. 

Tell us a bit about your family. My wife, son, and I live in “Deep South” Calgary. We have two furry friends (cats) named Oleg and Winston. We love the country and being in nature.

What do you like to do when you’re not at Connect? You would probably find me tinkering with technology: more specifically, trying to automate something (I have not yet figured out how to automate my laundry!) That, or, hiking/snowshoeing/biking in the foothills or mountains. These are both re-energizing activities for me. 

Bonus Question! 

What movie genre would you want to have a starring role in? A science fiction in space? When I was in Elementary school, I loved coming home from school to watch Star Trek in my command-red costume! 


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