Admissions Process

Connect has an admissions process in order to accommodate the high demand for space in the school. 

Connect Charter School has amended its policy on student admissions. These changes will affect procedures for admission beginning with the 2023-24 school year. Until that time, the existing wait list placements will be honored and current procedures for student placement according to the wait list will remain in effect. 

Parents seeking admission for their children in August 2023 and beyond will follow these steps:

Step 1

On October 1, 2022, the registration link on the Connect Charter School website will be activated and will remain open until November 30, 2022. Parents who wish to have their grade 3 child added to the list of prospective students for grade 4 may do so at any time while the link is open. A similar process will be used to generate prospective student lists for grades 5 through 9 as well.

Step 2

After the registration link closes, all names of prospective students will be entered into a lottery. The draw will take place no later than December 15thand all those who were entered will be advised of their placement on the list resulting from the lottery. Note: Siblings of current or former students will be placed at the top of the placement list each year, followed by the offspring of Connect staff. The lottery will determine all subsequent placements.

Step 3

Parents of prospective students whose names are among the first 200 drawn in the lottery (in addition to siblings and the children of staff) will be invited to an orientation meeting to be held before the end of January. Attendance at this meeting is compulsory in order for a child’s name to remain on the prospective student list. Immediately following the orientation, parents may sign up for a school tour to be scheduled prior to mid- February.

Step 4

Parents in attendance at the orientation will receive a Student Profile Questionnaire to be completed and returned to the office, together with supporting documentation (recent report card, copy of birth certificate, student writing sample) by February 15th.

Step 5

Parents of prospective students will receive an email in early March asking that they confirm their interest in having their child attend Connect the following school year. Based on information provided in the Student Profile Questionnaire, school administration may contact parents of students with specific needs to gather further information and determine if their needs can be accommodated at Connect.

Step 6

Registration and fee payment for the following school year will open on or about April 15thand will remain open for approximately 10 days. Once a student is registered, information will be distributed to parents, including the Parent Handbook, Volunteer Information, school calendar, and multi-day field experience schedule.