Clubs and Extracurriculars at Connect


Staff Sponsor: Dave Bennett
Meeting day & location: Thursday – Room 27
Members dive deep into the lore of the Star Wars universe.

Sponsors: Ms. Waite and Mr. Cloutier
Thursdays in Ms. Waite’s room
Garden Club Meets Animal Rescue Club – if it has to do with the environment, we are going to tackle it here! We want to save the planet, from plants to animals and everything in between. 
Bring your device.

Staff Sponsors: Phil Butterfield, Dave, Bennett, Jason Avramenko
Brief overview: We meet weekly to run to North Glenmore Park and the Weaselhead to promote the benefits of running as a lifestyle choice.
Meeting Day & location: Friday at 7:45am (When Friday is a non-instructional day we meet on Thursdays)

Staff Sponsor: Louis Cheng
Brief overview: Students explore, research, and design experiments for presentations and curiosity.
Meeting day & location: Tuesdays @ 12:10 – Mr. Cheng’s Room
Sign up every year in early September; for grades 8 & 9 students only.

Staff Sponsor: Louis Cheng
Brief overview: Students learn about how technology is deployed and managed from an institutional perspective and help to set up, manage, and recycle our technology.
Meeting Day & location: Mondays @ 12:10 – Mr. Cheng’s room
Sign up every year in early September; for grade’s 7, 8 & 9 students only.

Staff Sponsor: Louis Cheng
Brief overview: A midweek time to calm down and relax for our lunch Recess
Meeting Day & location: 12:10 – IAC
Open to all students with no sign up needed.

Staff Sponsor: Ivy Waite
Brief overview: From the Vikings to the World Wars, we cover it all.
Meeting day & location: Tuesdays, beginning January 2020, lunch recess in Room 10
Bring a device!

Staff Sponsor: Ivy Waite
Brief overview: Use the app Duolingo to learn a new language! Any language you choose! 
Meeting Day & location: Wednesdays at lunch recess in Room 10. 
Any language offered by the app is okay! 

Staff Sponsor: Ivy Waite
Brief overview: Comics, Stories, Novels, and More! If you can write it, this is the place to do it! 
Meeting day & location: Mondays at lunch recess in Room 10. 
Bring your device, or a notebook! 

Staff Sponsor: Caitlin Price

Brief Overview: Students come to play a variety of board games. Board and card games are available and students can also bring their own games. Students from all grades are welcome.

Meeting day and location: Thursdays at lunch in Mrs. Price’s room, 4.1.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Ferguson

Brief overview: In Monster and Robot Club, students have been practicing their drawing skills and are currently working on creating cover pages for their comic books.

Meeting day and location: Wednesdays at 12:10-12:35 in 4.1


Staff Sponsor: Caitlin Price

Brief Overview: This student led club involves learning how to craft and create new things. Members of the club research and select new things to learn each week. One member takes the lead each week and teaches other students how to make the creation of their choice. This is a club for students in grades 4-6.

Meeting day and location: Tuesdays at lunch in Mrs. Price’s room, 4.1

Staff Sponsor: Katie Haigh

Brief Overview: Our QSA is a student-led organization that is intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ people. Please know that we encourage people who are allies to this community to join as well. An ally is someone who does not identify as part of the LGBTQ community but supports those who do. 

Meeting day and location: Wednesday at 12:10 in Room 7 (5.3).


Staff Sponsor: Heather Melville
Brief overview: All students will have the opportunity to audition for this yearly event. Any talent is welcome. Students are encouraged to showcase their skills from their extra curricular activities. In the past we have had roller derby, power lifting, all forms of dance, martial arts, musical instruments, musical theatre… the list goes on. We have always been amazed at the wide variety of talent and skills our students have achieved. 
Meeting Day & location:
Auditions will be held in February. 
The show will be right after spring break. 
Sponsor: Mr. McKenzie
Overview: Students gather to play Magic the Gathering or Pokémon against their friends and to build new decks.
Meeting dates/locations: Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch in 8.2

Students in this club will be engaging in testing, modifying and re-testing their Nerf Blasters to determine if their modification was successful. Modifications fall into two general categories:

  • Modifying to a fire foam darts a little faster or more accurately

  • Modifying to make blaster personalized by painting or adding 3-D printed parts

Students will also be taught how to safely use tools for working on their blasters.
We use a chronograph to measure the M/s of FPS of the nerf blasters before and after modification. 
Dates are posted on Seesaw and halfway posters a few weeks in advance. 
Time: 12:10. 
Staff Sponsors: Mr. Sonico and Mrs. Stevenson
Brief overview: students come to coding club to design games and artwork using apps on their iPad. The students run the club as they design, debug, and help each other out in these steps. 
Meeting Day & location: Mondays in Mr. Sonico’s classroom
Staff Sponsor: Rick Fawcett & Dave Bennett
Brief overview: This club celebrates the automobile. It is a club where those with a passion for automobiles can meet on a weekly basis and indulge in the world of everything automotive. 
Meeting Day & location: Room 24 on Wednesdays at 12:10
Other pertinent info: Bring your iPad. We plan field trips to some amazing places! 
Staff Sponsor: Ms. Emin
Brief overview: Grade 4 students gather to create a variety of art or craft projects.
Meeting Day & location: Monday – lunch recess


Coach: Cathy Newton

Meeting day and location: practice Monday 3:40-4:45pm, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:30 am. Season runs December to February. Part of the Calgary Alternative Athletic Association (CAAA). Games are played at various location in Calgary and Airdrie. 

Coaches: Chris Dittman and Even Ferguson

School soccer team open to all boys and girls in grade 7-o. There are no tryouts for this team. If players commit to attending the practices and one-day tournament, they can play. Practices are in the morning before school, one day per week. Season runs from after spring break to the beginning of June. 

Coach: Chris Dittman

School basketball team open to all boys in grades 7-9. There are no tryouts for this team. If players commit to attending the practices and games, they can play. Season runs mid-December to the end of January. Practices/games Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after school. 

Coach: Mr. Ferguson

The senior boys had a successful season this fall and took home second place in the CAAA tournament in October.

Volleyball season runs from September-November.