Connect Articles

June 15, 2018 (1) - A Leader in Innovation and Technology

"At Connect Charter School, we pride ourselves for being at leader in information and technology."

June 15, 2018 (2) - A Leader in Physical Literacy

"Regular physical activity is an essential component to health and wellbeing as an adult. "

April 13, 2018 (1) - A Leader in PVA (1 of 3 parts)

"In the drama classes, taught by Heather Melville there are always new things to learn and gain for time spent in her classroom"

April 13, 2018 (2) - A Leader in PVA (2 of 3 parts)

"Through Mr. Bolen’s teachings, students can learn valuable life skills such as problem solving, self-expression and time management."

April 13, 2018 (3) - A Leader in PVA (3 of 3 parts)

"Connect Charter School Art Specialist, Lorrie Emin, strives to be innovative in the way art education is approached to best support and challenge her students."

April 13, 2018 (4) - Inclusive Education at Connect (FINAL)

"Connect Charter’s model of inclusive education demonstrates the school’s true commitment to all students."

April 25, 2018 - Partners in Place

"Connect Charter School partnered with Tsuut’ina Education Department, Mount Royal University, and the Outdoor Council of Canada, to strengthen collaboration with the community and improve educational outcomes. "