-Students entering kindergarten this September DO NOT have to register on a specific day this year.
-New kindergarten students WILL REGISTER in OCTOBER of their GRADE 3 year.
-Please visit the Admissions Page for full information on the Lottery Process.

NO CLASSES: Friday October 11

FALL BREAK:  October 14 – October 18

RETURN TO SCHOOL: Monday October 21

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We are

Connect Charter School

We are a unique charter school in Calgary, focused on preparing students as extraordinary citizens, through a disposition of inquiry.

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Wednesday, October 23

6:30 PM


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Our goals

Our Charter

The pillars of the Calgary Science School charter highlight the emphasis in the school on:

  1. Promoting exemplary learning, teaching and leading through a disposition of inquiry.
  2. Enhancing learning and teaching through the appropriate and effective use of technology and maintain an intentional, authentic and innovative perspective in the use of technology.
  3. Engaging students in meaningful, real-life learning activities in a variety of rich learning environments, with a focus on mind, body, emotions, creative spirit and ethical citizenship.
  4. Providing environmental, outdoor and global education learning opportunities for students to experience and appreciate the world outside of the classroom and to develop social, leadership and stewardship skills.
  5. Fostering a culture of collaboration and caring relationships of mutual respect with students, staff members and parents sharing a passion for learning; together and from others, in the classroom, within the school and beyond.
  6. Nurturing thriving classrooms and other learning environments where teachers are informed by research and where students and teachers explore and develop deep understanding as active researchers.

Principal's Message

Welcome to Connect Charter School. As a publicly funded charter school, we have a responsibility to provide innovative educational programming for our students. Our vision is to prepare our students to be extraordinary citizens, and our approach to achieving that goal begins with understanding the value of deep inquiry; instilling in our students the confidence to ask difficult and challenging questions and then think critically about how to reach solutions and solve problems in meaningful ways. Inquiry at Connect is supported by the integration of technology into learning, as well as through a robust outdoor education program and a focus on connecting learning to the ‘real world’ through experiential education. Students enter Connect in grade 4 from across the City of Calgary, and leave at the end of grade 9 with skills and attributes that prepare them to be contributing and empathic members of our community.
Dr. Phil Butterfield

Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiry is a more natural way of learning. At its core, an inquiry-based way of teaching provides for a more authentic way of learning, it is rigorous, it demands the involvement of outside expertise, normally technology plays a role in how information is gathered or how students demonstrate their learning, and it is far more collaborative than a traditional way of teaching and learning. In our experience, an inquiry-based disposition toward learning results in more highly engaged learners.
No, not really. While we end the year at the same time as most other public schools, we operate on a modified calendar. Our students and teachers return in mid-August in order to allow for a number of non-student Professional Development days through the year as well as some extended holidays (including a week off in October). Please consult our annual calendar for specifics.
No, there is no test to get into the school. We have a maximum capacity to the building and so because demand is greater than the space we have, we must maintain a waiting list of people. Families are placed on the waiting list and offered spots based on when they contact the school. Student academic ability or achievement do not determine whether a student is offered a spot in the school – it is based solely on their place on the waiting list.
The demand to get into the school exceeds the capacity we have in the building to place students in classrooms. We place families on the waiting list in order to address this supply and demand issue. We keep 400 names on the grade 4 waiting list. We keep 100 names on the waiting list for grades 5 to 9 because we occasionally have students withdraw from the school and so we need to fill those spots.
We believe it is important to try and keep families together, so we have a sibling clause in our admissions policy that states when one child is admitted to the school their siblings are moved to the top of the list. When siblings from multiple families are on the waiting list for a particular grade they are ordered based on the date the family first contacted the school.
Yes, as with most public schools there are fees. We have an enrichment fee that provides for the many field trips (excluding one of the overnight trips), a laptop or iPad for each student, resources for special events and guests to the school and more. There is a reasonable lunchroom supervision fee as well as a small technology insurance fee (in case of accidental damage to the school-owned laptops or iPads).
No, we do not offer a second language program at this time. Offering such a program would require resources that would be drawn from core programming; our charter document does not include mention of a second language program, so we have not committed resources to it.

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